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I am a spunky mixed chick from Pittsburgh, PA who married a Jewish boy from California and started this blog as a way to share the amazing food knowledge that has been passed down to me from both sides of my eclectic family tree. On these pages, I do my best to honor the Soul-Cal style of my Grandpa Sam who hails from Shreveport, LA and after joining the Air force moved his family to California by way of Kansas and Canada. He successfully merges his southern roots with the fresh and light fare of the West Coast and passed this on to my mom. Grandpa Sam still knows how to get down to business in the kitchen and there are several secret family recipes that we are all still trying to get. Grandpa, this my not so subtle hint that maybe your favorite granddaughter who shares your name should get those recipes…just sayin. Then there is the other side of my family tree that leads me to pouring over tattered and worn recipe cards that made their way to me by way of central Virginia where my Grandma Peggy ran a bed & breakfast and exemplified the term Southern Hospitality.

You can top it off with a bit of Jewish comfort food and cooking, inherited from the hubby’s mom and Nana Ruth.


My culinary heritage is like an onion…as in, it has many delicious layers!

Why Haute Pepper? You might be asking where the title comes from since there doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming focus on peppers (I do like peppers though). As the legend goes, when I was a tot my Grandpa Joe met me and quickly assessed that I might be a handful. As a result, it was said that he promptly called me a “hot pepper” and no one seemed to dispute it. I guess you are what you are hehe.

Happy Eating!!!



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