February 2017 – Stitch Fix Review

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I am sure you have but just in case.. Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription service where a stylist hand picks 5 different clothing items or accessories for you to try on and potentially purchase. They charge a $20.00 styling fee that is then applied to any of your purchases. You can get a fix sent as frequently or as infrequently as you want and you don’t have to purchase anything if you decide not to (note: you lose the styling fee if you don’t buy anything). Everything you get is a surprise and you have 3 days to try things on and decide which items to keep, mail back what you don’t like and repeat. More FAQ on SF here.

This year I am sharing my reviews of my fixes and you may have already caught the one I did in January. I am a little late in posting my February review but let me just say this was a great box and I was really glad to see some different kind of pieces this time. I asked my stylist for some pops of color and some casual pieces. I think she did a pretty good of trying to match my asks with what they have in the Stitch Fix inventory. I am still loving my Pinterest board to death and constantly tweaking it.  If you are going to do SF you really need to consider investing some time in a Pinterest board and keeping it up to date with your latest fashion likes, loves, and “OMG cannot live withouts”! I don’t want to waste anymore time so let’s get right to it!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated by Stitch Fix to share my thoughts or promote their service. However, I have listed my referral link in the post which grants me a credit if you sign up for your own fix. 

  • Bay to Baubles – Fletcher Chandelier Earrings $28.00 

I have had to be mindful of how much jewelry I get from SF. In my last few fixes I had asked them not to send me any because I was amassing quite the collection and running out of places to put things. This time around I figured it was about time for a new pair of earrings but they needed to be a statement piece or something more exciting. I pinned a few examples of chandelier earrings and was pretty excited to see this pair in my fix. I love gold everything so it was kind of an easy choice.

Verdict: Kept

  • Skies are Blue – Frankie Lace Detail Blouse $48.00 

All of a sudden I wanted a navy blouse with lace or some sort of cute detail. I was pinning navy blouses left and right. So, this arrived and I was super excited. YASSS, a cute navy blouse! Then I went in to my closet and realized I have like 3-4 other navy blouses. Why did I think I needed more? How did I forget that I even had that many in there?!?! So many questions. But listen, this is cute, simple and affordable so…make it 5 navy blouses. Note: This is why the idea of making a capsule wardrobe makes my armpits sweat. I don’t know what this editing process is and yes, I need all the choices!

Verdict: Kept

  • Rune – Donaald Cowl Neck Knit Hoodie $64.00 

I was getting to this point where I was asking my stylist to send me only things I could wear to work or out with the girls. I forgot that I also want to look cute when I am running errands and going to yoga, who doesn’t?! I had seen some more casual pieces on Pinterest and simple looking hoodies. It might seem like a waste but I never think to run to the mall and pick up a hoodie or sweatshirt. Usually I inherit these from my athletic siblings or purchase them on vacation as a form of souvenir. I decided to ask Cassie for a hoodie or something casual and she sent over this hoodie. Honestly, I pulled it out of the box and felt a little underwhelmed since it wasn’t overly detail but then I put it on. It has thumb holes!!!!! I love sweatshirts with thumb holes, it is like trying on a dress and discovering it has pockets. I liked the fit and actually appreciated the simplicity of it. The cowl neck was a nice feature and the hoodie is the perfect sizing, I actually still felt cute in it!

Verdict: Kept

  • Loveappella – Zola Knit Dress $64.00 

Cassie is crushing it in the dress department. She must have sensed that I was getting comfortable with showing off the curves and being secretly sexy without having the girls on full display. The color of this dress just spoke to me immediately. At first I thought this was going to be a bit too tight on me but this dress is magical. It has some sort of stretchy power that I cannot quite put my finger on. Also, the little detail of the slit is kind of amazing. There is some sort of spandex panel thing happening there (super technical fashion terms at work here…) and it smooths everything out. I wore this dress for my Vday dinner and felt very sexy. I also covered it up with a blazer and wore it to work…still feeling myself but in a professional “business” kind of way. Dear Cassie, you are crushing it with the dresses. Keep it up!!

Verdict: Kept (I mean, duh!)

  • Pixley – Tarnow Sweater Sleeve Cargo Jacket $78.00

This was an unexpected piece. I haven’t really received anything like this in the past and things that might have been similar I have usually sent back because the pattern was either too much or the jacket/coat was not terribly flattering. I kind of loved the sleeves on this. Were it not for the sleeves I might hate the jacket because the color kind of said camo/military to me. The sleeves were definitely a cute detail and made it feel feminine. This jacket has a hood with the option of folding it up and zipping it away. I also like how the jacket is structured and has a drawstring in the middle for additional tightening/loosening as needed. Perfect jacket for transitioning in to spring and could see it working well as you transition in to fall as well.

Verdict: Kept

In Summary: 

I am sure you were keeping track but I actually kept my entire fix! This was the first time in over 2 years of using Stitch Fix that I actually kept the entire box *round of applause*. I think the combination of different pieces at reasonable prices helped me to make the decision. I have certainly sent things back based on cost alone so this time around I was glad to see that the things I loved were also affordable. This is an example of Stitch Fix getting it right! Can’t wait for my March fix and sharing it with all of you. Stay tuned.

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