Babe Cave Reveal

All that obsessive HGTV watching and Pinterest pinning has finally paid off! Check out my Babe Cave.

The hubs and I bought our lovely house back in the fall of 2015. I call it my little yellow brick house. Yup, that’s right, because it is a yellow brick house… Anyhow, we bought the house for a number of reasons, as one does, but a big part of the appeal was that it had plenty of room to grow and we knew we could hang out a while before it started feeling cramped. The family who lived in the house before us had two kids and they let their kids pick the paint colors for their respective rooms. This meant that we inherited a neon green bedroom and a blue bedroom. Honestly, the blue room was totally tolerable but that neon green was the first to go! I turned the green room in to our guest room and chose a spa kind of vibe for the paint color. It’s pretty cozy and so far no complaints from guests but we did have one friend who was sad that we painted over the neon green.

The blue room sat around a while with no real plans. We just kind of threw things in it and I quickly claimed the walk in closet for my dresses and such. It will make a great nursery one day but since we haven’t crossed that bridge yet, I realized what we needed was a work/chill space just for me (haha!). Listen, guys go on and on about man caves so this isn’t that crazy right?  Also, since I like to keep myself busy doing blog posts, planning dinner parties, supporting female entrepreneurs, oh and working a 9-5 job, clearly I NEED my own space even if it is just to take a breather in between all that!

So check it out. I listed some of the more unique finds and where you can get your own (or similar).

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliates link except where indicated. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Stores are listed only to provide reference. I am not receiving any compensation from any of the retailers listed below. 

P.S. I would like to thank Pinterest for making this possible haha.

Desk – Ikea; Lamp – HomeGoods; Side Table – At Home; Chair – HomeGoods; Craft Cart – Michael’s

I wanted the room to be feminine and clean and for some reason immediately fell in love with the idea of rose gold, white, and grey. I painted the lovely blue walls with a paint called Butter Icing by Olympic Paints. There was a part of me that wanted to paint the walls white but I realized that wasn’t really my style also I am fairly certain I would cringe at every smudge or speck of dirt on the wall. This color is soft and neutral enough but still has a cozy pink tone which I think makes the room warm and adorable. It works perfectly with some of the other colors in the house and the spa vibe that I took in the guest room.

Note: I am the worst at picking paint colors. I probably try at least a dozen before just walking in to the store and picking a color right on the spot and calling it a day. I am a make a decision and commit kind of girl.

Fur Chair – At Home; Pillow – At Home; Curtains – At Home; Frame (spray painted rose gold) – At Home; Bunny – WhiteFauxTaxidermy (Etsy)

Can we talk about this corner for a second? OMG I love everything about it! I saw this chair in the store and just knew I had to have it. I searched the entire store trying to find the right pillow to go with it and this sparkly gem jumped out at me right when I was about to give up. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better combo. The bunny is also a favorite find. I spent about an hour on WhiteFauxTaxidermy’s page on Etsy debating which animal would make the perfect addition to my room. I landed on the Lola bunny because she’s the cutest, duh! There is a chance I’ll buy everyone in my life one of these because don’t we all need fake animal heads on our walls?

White Frames – Ikea; Prints – Etsy; Map of Pittsburgh – Modern Map Art

I kind of knew going in what I was going to put on the walls (aside from Lola). A friend gifted me a set of love letter napkins for Christmas and I knew I could never eat with them because they are too sweet. I decided framing them would be the best thing to do. I was an English major in college so these really speak to the romantic literary nerd in me. Aren’t they the best!

The map of Pittsburgh streets is also a new fave. I received this print from the folks at Modern Map Art and I actually fell in love with some of their other prints of cities that are near and dear to my heart, like Chicago! It’s modern and simple and a perfect addition the space. Note: The link listed for Modern Map Art is an affiliate link and I will receive a small percentage of any sales.

Frame – Ikea; Print – Etsy; Leaf Platter – HomeGoods; Clutch – Moop

I wanted to throw in a side table just to fill out the room a bit and avoid having clutter on my desk. It might be wishful thinking since my hectic life usually results in a little bit of clutter. The leaf platter was another find that seemed to be a moment of destiny. I was approaching the check out at HomeGoods and there it was, sitting in the impulse buy section and I was like, oh you were meant for me! The clutch was a gift but it’s rose gold so of course it had to go in the room. Moop is a store making bags and other fun finds in Pittsburgh and I totally love them. Check out their online store here.


    1. Thanks! It was so much having a space where I could literally start from scratch, rarely do I ever get that chance and I made the most of it! Glad you like.

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