September 2017 – Stitch Fix Review

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I am sure you have but just in case. Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription service where a stylist hand picks 5 different clothing items or accessories for you to try on and potentially purchase. They charge a $20.00 styling fee that is then applied to any of your purchases. You can get a fix sent as frequently or as infrequently as you want and you don’t have to purchase anything if you decide not to (note: you lose the styling fee if you don’t buy anything). Everything you get is a surprise and you have 3 days to try things on and decide which items to keep, mail back what you don’t like and repeat. More FAQ on SF here.

This year I am sharing my reviews of my fixes (when I remember…#bloggerfails) and you may have already caught the one I did in January or February. I changed the frequency of my fixes and also had some not so great ones (meaning not super flattering) so that is the reason for some of the gaps in posting. I want to post as frequently as possible but also want to be mindful that if the boxes aren’t exciting there might not be a huge value to you. I am not an easy size to fit in all cases so sometimes I get a box where things are just not gonna work and that might be more of my stubbornness than anything else.

For this box I asked my stylist for flats because I am in dire need of new flats. I also emphasized getting some pieces that would work well when I am transitioning from work to night. It is the season of events and I find myself needing to go from work to networking event or cocktail reception. Overall, I think my stylist, Cassie did a great job of trying to match my asks with what they have in the Stitch Fix inventory. I am still loving my Pinterest board to death and constantly tweaking it.  If you are going to do SF you really need to consider investing some time in a Pinterest board and keeping it up to date with your latest fashion likes, loves, and “OMG cannot live withouts”! I don’t want to waste anymore time so let’s get right to it!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated by Stitch Fix to share my thoughts or promote their service. However, I have listed my referral link in the post which grants me a credit if you sign up for your own fix. 

  • MIA – Nona Laser-Cut Flats $49.00 

I asked for flats and Cassie definitely delivered! These are the cutest things and the color is perfect for fall. I love the detail and the ankle strap. I could probably own a pair of these in multiple colors and be a happy camper. I don’t think you can go wrong with something like this in your wardrobe and the price is great.

Verdict: Kept

  • 41Hawthorn – Carla Crochet Detail Blouse $58.00

When I pulled this from the box I was really excited by the pattern and design. Upon further inspection I felt that there was something off with the sizing. The label indicated that it was my size but it didn’t look anywhere close to that. You know how sometimes you can pick up two items that are identical in the store but have completely different fits. I have heard that this has something to do with when a shirt is cut from the fabric or some of the sort. Anyhow, I couldn’t get one arm through this one so I can’t give you the full effect. I am sure with the proper sizing it would be great!

Verdict: Returned

  • Collective Concepts – Katelynn Dress $78.00

I love dresses! I usually walk directly to the dress section of Nordstrom because I obsess over dresses. I love the print on this one! It is a simple style and the print is unlike anything I have in my wardrobe now. I can wear this with boots or flats. I can throw a jean jacket over this or a blazer. It works on so many levels! This was a great find by Cassie and I think she knew I would love it.

One thing I love about dresses like this is that it doesn’t have an zippers or crazy straps to deal with. A simple slip over the head and off you go. I have so many dresses with zippers that require serious effort in zipping and a lot of crazy arm twisting. I love it when a dress can be put on easily, I know many of you are with me on this one.

Verdict: Kept!!

  • Daniel Rainn – Anike Faux Leather Trim Leopard Print Blouse $68.00

I usually tell Cassie I want to try something new and different. I think when I first set up my profile I said I didn’t want animal prints or faux leather. I have since changed my mind. I really do like adding different things to my wardrobe and I am not afraid to play with prints and textures. I like how this shirt looks from a design perspective but I am not sure I love all of different aspects to it. I know, I know, I said I was ready to try new things. I really am but maybe I need to do it in small doses. It does look cute one me though…

Verdict: Returned

  • 41Hawthorn – Jahana Cargo Vest $68.00 

Cassie clearly knows I have a love of vests. I think she even said it in my note. So, of course I was really excited to see this light weight vest jacket in my fix. It even has a hood! I am always looking for something that works well as a jacket or covering in fall since the weather can change drastically throughout the day. I love the toggle strings on this one, it kind of reminds me of the kind of toggles you find on rain coats. The vest also had an adjustable string in the middle to allow for better fit if needed. Love the pockets and buttons too. My only question is do I have too many vests in my wardrobe already? I think the answer might be yes.

Verdict: Returned (Mostly because I have too many)

In Summary: 

I think this was a fairly decent fix and I feel pretty confident that Cassie knows me and my style! I am glad I was able to add some fun pieces to my wardrobe this fall. A lot of the time I make decisions based on budget. Some items would be welcome additions to my wardrobe but I don’t want to go crazy. If it isn’t something I must have then I usually hold off.

Hopefully this review was helpful to you. If you are looking for fun ways to up your wardrobe game then I think you should give Stitch Fix a try. If you just want to see me looking silly trying clothes then stay tuned for the next fix!



  1. Have your stylist send back the animal print blouse in next month’s fix, then keep it! I love it and you’re right, it looks great on you!

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